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Empowerment Through Information: Librarianship for At-Risk & Incarcerated Youth

Serving the at-risk population is an important part of our jobs that often gets overlooked in conversation, so we have a lot to learn from our team of expert panelists. Please attend this event and hear some fascinating points of view of people who work regularly with the at-risk or incarcerated youth population.

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Powerful Data: Research in LIS

iDiversity presents: “Powerful Data: A Panel Discussion on Research in Library and Information Science”. Join iDiversity and learn about the research of current iSchool students. Panelists will discuss their research interests, how they chose their topics, and the rewards and challenges of the research process. Panelists include: Dr. Leah Findlater, Tony Pellicone, Brian Real, Beth St. Jean, and our host, Dr. Sheri Massey.

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The New Diversity: A Quick Convo On Redefining Our Peceptions

iDiversity founder Rebecca Oxley made five minutes for diversity in the Uncommons at this year’s ALA in Chicago at the first ever “Bend The Rails” Ignite Invitational on library innovation and future. She addressed the question of what diversity in library and information sciences is all about by unpacking concepts and attitudes, and sent out a call to action to redefine our perceptions. Rebecca is a teacher-librarian in Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland and tweets from @LibrariansFTW.

You can check out Rebecca’s slides online.