Project Planning Meeting

iDiversity recently hosted a “Project Planning Meeting” to get moving on three new and very different projects.  Read below to see a description of each project, or watch our meeting’s video to hear us talk about each opportunity!  If you are interested in participating to any degree in any of these projects, please contact us at!


Little Free Libraries Project

Little Free Libraries are a doll-house sized “take a book, leave a book” gathering places where neighborhoods can thrive over having interesting, new, and changing literature.  iDiversity hopes to place Little Free Libraries in areas of lower socio-economic status to help promote literacy and give more access to literature directly to a population who might otherwise not have easy access to it.

Curriculum Development Project

There is an opportunity for every class at the iSchool to address diversity within its curriculum. Starting with the core classes, this project will develop a guide for instructors on how to incorporate diversity within their curricula.  By including diversity in every class, students at the iSchool will be aware of diversity issues that they can implement in their future careers.

Library Volunteering Project

The hope of this project is to help libraries with one-day volunteering opportunities. There are a couple of possibilities such as:

1. Tackling a big project with several volunteers over a select number of hours
2. Helping staff and set up a library program or event

Public libraries are a hub of their communities and serve a diverse population. It would be a great way to connect library students to local libraries and also foster future relationships with them. The programs or events that students can help with could be targeted for diverse groups such as DCPL’s workshops for patron’s with disabilities.

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