iDiversity at the University of Maryland promotes awareness of diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility within the information professions. The iDiversity group strives to create and maintain a dialogue between iSchool students, alumni,and faculty, as well as information professionals outside the university, to ensure that issues of diversity are addressed in practice, research, and technology.


For the iSchool: iDiversity will remain committed as a change agent to promote an inclusive and sustainable legacy of open communication, shared knowledge, mentoring, and cultural competency within the iSchool, as well as encourage a continuous culture of diversity within LIS education.

For the profession: iDiversity envisions a world where information spaces reflect the global community and a level playing field; information is equitably and inclusively accessible; research contributes new modes of access and representation for underserved populations; and diversity becomes an integrated part of our consciousness as information professionals through exploration, education, and mentoring.